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Layout and Setup Tips

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Component view

The left board as shown is the H shift and focus/G2 board. The focus block is the same as used in other Barco 80x series of sets. The G2 control is the same as the Barco 800/801, depending on what tubes are used in the set. These boards don’t fail too often, but the G2 or focus blocks can fail and arc to the low voltage sections of the set, causing havoc with the focus section.

The middle board is the horizontal and vertical sections of the set. There are few user adjustable controls on this board, but the R and B master V height controls are located on this board, located near the bottom of the above picture, and the H width coils for each CRT are located near the top of the board. Use a non-metallic screwdriver to adjust these coils. Under normal conditions, these coils do not need to be adjusted.

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